Mountain View


Our firm began to operate in Antalya Organized Industrial Zone in 2001 by manufacturing interior and exterior decoration products under KAR– SİS brand from high-density XPS and EPS POLYSTYRENE plates, with the motto “Details Making Life Beautiful”. KAR-SIS, which takes its name from the abbreviation of “Carton-Pierre Systems” in Turkish, gained a place in the market by creating brand awareness and brand value and enlarged its product and customer portfolio every day with a rapid development process and extended its scope with the distributor network inside and outside country and became a “Leading Firm in the Sector” thanks to its principled, honest, qualified sales and production policy.    

KAR-POL, which produces insulation materials to be used at every stage of construction, was founded in 2006. During the same period, the production of package materials to be used in various sectors and viols used in seeding began. Investments continued without losing speed and EPS blocks, which were previously supplied from external sources, were began to be produced within the body of KAR-POL.  With the growth in the market and investments, the management of the firm decided to collect the activities under a group name. In addition to Kar-Sis and Kar-Pol;  Kar-Yapı, the activity fields of which are to sell, market, introduce the productions by these two factories and undertake construction works, was founded and it was decided that other companies only kept their brand values. All these formal procedures are in progress within the body of KARYAPI.   

Our firm, which believes to include quality service and quality management principles within its body as well as product quality, received ISO 9001- 2008 certificate in 2007 to improve its corporate identity.

Our firm, made a breakthrough in the sector with the R&D researches, to which it attaches great importance, by providing the market with the new products and applications and added the REGOLA branded, packaged and bar-coded building market products to the market, which made a name for themselves in the world. 

The firm is among the “Important Manufacturers of the World” in its sector both in terms of its production capacity and product variety, with the daily manufacture of 150-200 thousand mtuls of carton-pierre with the computer aided injection machines and CNC cutting tables, which were purchased from abroad, 10 thousand pieces of exterior wall and many EPS products in accordance with the TSE standards.   

Adopting the customer satisfaction and product quality increase as a principle and aiming to provide service to the end users with the distributors and sales points, our firm has become one of the most prestigious building market demand points of the world and continues to grow thanks to the management system and technological infrastructure investments made in this direction.